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"Xaque” pronounced (shock) is a Luso-American band from the New Jersey / Philadelphia area, that was formed in 1992. The Portuguese word Xaque means “Checkmate”. 

This project, which quickly turned into a band, has evolved into something very special, with many memorable moments, and a legacy of great accomplishments...

This incredible project started in 1992 in a homemade garage studio named TRAINTRAXX, and the first CD was completely recorded and mixed there by the band, with Lee Miranda and Tony Cirne at the controls. In 1994, XAQUE’S debut recording, "EVOLUCAO", was released in North America. Later that year, the band was signed to a European record label and a European version of "EVOLUCAO" was released with a different cover. Unfortunately the record company proved to be less than professional and ethical, so the band moved on and created their own label shortly thereafter.

XAQUE remains the only US based Portuguese rock band to have performed in concert with Portuguese artists such as Rui Veloso, Pedro Abrunhosa, Fernando Pereira, Nucha, Xutos e Pontapes, GNR, Hejira, Frankie Chavez, the Black Mamba, and the list goes on…  

In the winter of 1996 Rui Veloso came to the United States to participate exclusively in the recording of 8 Xaque songs. These studio recordings are rare and have become known as the IMC Recording Sessions, and are expected to soon be released by the Record label. Look for them on this website.

Xaque stayed silent fo a couple of years after that, and in 2003 released it's much-anticipated follow-up CD to EVOLUCAO UNPLUGGED entitled ALMA NUA, the CD features special performances with Rui Veloso.

In 2008 A composition from "Evolucao" and "Alma Nua" is used on the soundtrack for iBanker.  

Xaque is currently in the studio working on a new CD scheduled to be released in Q2 of 2013. 

In January of 2013, Xaque's "Heroi do Mar- Unplugged" was nominated for "Best Rock Song" at the International Portuguese Music Awards, (
IPMA) and in January of 2014, Xaque's "Isto e que vai dar" (written by Gildo Ramos), was nominated for Best Rock Song" again.

Stay tuned for more Xaque history, we will post it as it's made... 

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